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Why hire sustainable energy contractors?

Energy conservation and eco-friendly design have become two very important issues in our day. It is important that the contractors handling your project are up-to-date and qualified on green techniques that are environmentally friendly, resource conscious, and that can ultimately save you money.

Types of Building Contractors

There are several different types of building contractors and subcontractors involved in any building project. The main groups are the general contractor, plumbing and heating contractors (HVAC), electrical contractors, and alternative energy contractors.

General Contractors

General contractors oversee and manage projects in a similar way that a director oversees the filming and production of a movie. It is very important that general contractors are up-to-date with eco-friendly building techniques. Sustainable contractors will reuse materials, recycle what can't be reused, design and build with optimum energy conservation in mind, and will incorporate alternative energy into their designs.

Plumbing and Heating

Sustainable plumbing contractors will use energy efficient plumbing such as tankless water heaters and low-flow fixtures to reduce the consumption of water and other resources. Master sustainable HVAC contractors need to be NABCEP certified to design and install energy efficient units such as solar thermal.


Master electricians need to also be NABCEP certified. Additionally they need to be certified solar installers.

Alternative Energy Contractors

Alternative energy contractors are contractors that specialize in the installation of different energy systems for your home. They oversee retrofitting and installation, and will work with the general contractor to design the systems specifically for your home or business.

EverEnergy Contractors

All of our contractors, technicians, and installers not only certified and qualified, but have years of experience in their particular field. They are both NABCEP and LEED certified. We screen installers and contractors for those who are at the top of their field and the best at what they do. Working with our contractors and professional installers will give you the piece of mind of knowing that your project is not only being done right, it is being done the best it can be.

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