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What is alternative energy?

Alternative energy is a very broad term referring to any source of energy used to replace the typical burning of fossil fuels. The intent is to create usable energy without all the negative environmental impacts. Several types of alternative energy exist today. Some common forms are wind, solar, and geothermal.


Wind energy is a very clean and simple form of energy. Residential wind turbines can be easily retrofitted to virtually any home without needing to change any wiring.

The initial cost of installing a residential wind turbine may sometimes appear a little intimidating. A small turbine can cost anywhere from $6,000 to $22,000. However given the designed lifetime of these systems, the investment recoups through utility savings within six to 15 years. Once the system pays itself off, all energy produced is essentially free energy.

Wind energy does however have one con; it relies solely on wind. Given the unreliability of wind, there is no guarantee that they system will always be producing power.


Solar is another great alternative form of energy. It’s clean, highly versatile, has a wide variety of applications, and is constantly seeing new advances in technology. So long as you have sunlight, you have power.

Like wind, solar power systems are an investment. Solar kits can range in price from as low as $5k to $75k and higher, with most practical kits costing between $10k and $50k.

Though its initial cost seems intimidating, solar power is a great investment over the years. With grid-tie systems, it is even possible to put power back into the utility grid, meaning your utility company could end up paying YOU for electricity. For more information on solar power, check out our blog.


Geothermal is power extracted from heat stored in the earth. Historically it has been used for space heating, but it is now better known for generating electricity. It is cost effective, reliable, and sustainable. Most importantly, geothermal power is environmentally friendly. For more information on geothermal pumps and heating, check out our blog!

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